Romance Scam / Love Scam

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Romance scam is a form of internet scam that uses fake profiles on dating sites to steal money from potential victims. This under the pretense of spontaneous infatuation. The modern form of the marriage swindle, so to speak.

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Romance scammers are mostly of African descent. Headquarters are Nigeria and Ghana. They promise the moon against payment in advance and violate Nigerian law according to § 419 (advance payment fraud). They hunt in groups of up to 6 people so that 24-hour care of the victims can be guaranteed. They mingle on social networking sites and steal photos and identities there. Most users of social networks have no idea that their photos are being used on the other side of the world for fraudulent marriages.

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On dating portals, the said photos round off a likeable profile. True dream singles with impressive statements, recognized professions, thoroughly honest, looking for a partner, a soul mate.

They write to you with warm words and within a very short time you can imagine spending the rest of your life with them. They address all your problems and worries with empathy. They always have a piece of advice, they put their protective arms around you even over long distances. You feel safe, protected and loved like never before in your whole life. An unprecedented intensity of feelings sets in. Very quickly they confess their love for you, call you their spouse, promise a long, happy life in intimate togetherness.

And then, after often endless weeks, a first meeting is arranged. You rejoice because jackpot on two legs will finally enter your real life.

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But then, oh shit, their child gets terminally ill, their virtual match gets involved in an accident themselves and needs help, or they get arrested out of nowhere and genuinely innocent with no one in the world to pay their bail... .This is where the victims come in, milked like high yield cows from now on. Scammers make millions from their activities. They act without scruples and without any compassion.

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What makes scammers extremely successful from a psychological point of view is their knowledge of how attachment occurs in women. While 90% of all real men are "hunters" who would only seriously consider a partner they "hard fought and earned", scammers quickly take on women's emotions, warmly and reciprocally, at. Therein lies the winning recipe. Women are allowed to name their emotions, they can tell their partner that they love him, without him leaving in a cloud of dust. Very intelligent people are often found among the victims. People who believe in goodness, people who believe in one, true, great love and are willing to give everything for it. These people sell their house and yard and get into debt until the bailiff comes. Losing social contact with family and friends, all for someone they will never see. Because that is the bitter reality – you will usually not see your dream partner. With one exception, perhaps, if you expose your scammer as such. Some of these fraudsters then switch on the actually defective web cam once. However, romance scammers don't like having their money flow cut off or having their business disrupted. Their future plans will look all the more merciless. The victims are invited to Ghana or Nigeria and hardly have a good chance of being robbed, raped or even murdered before they set foot on African soil. Since there are not only neutral law enforcement officers in court, such crimes may not even be punished and prosecuted to the appropriate extent.

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But there is also the more subtle way of proceeding, in the wake of which many are in danger of being drawn even deeper than with the first variant. Some victims actually meet their scammer in Ghana, who continues to swear eternal love to them. The first meetings are like a dream come true - togetherness, pure idyll, luxury, beautiful nature and great activities. Until an absolute emotional dependency is created. Then the new partners are also forced to scam and are often held against their will in the foreign country. African residents have very strong family ties. Most scammers are married and blessed with a flock of children. So that at best one would still have the right to the title of second wife.

How Do You Spot Romance Scammers On Dating Sites?

There are hundreds of social networking sites that connect people. In itself a great idea of ​​modern times. Unfortunately, not only sincere people cavort here. A few years ago, the fee-based dating portals were much safer. But today, even marriage swindlers often think entrepreneurially and have found out that financial investments are economically worthwhile in the long term. So they spend a little money, fill out pages of psychological questionnaires and start looking for victims. Sadly, the most famous identity stolen is that of soldier Jeffrey Miller. There are a number of photos of him in civilian clothes and even with an elegant gala uniform in circulation. The scammers didn't even bother to find out his real name and so you can find profiles under Faugustin Miller, James Miller, Arthur Miller and many more. What makes this identity so interesting for scammers is a short introductory video that can be used on sites like Skype. A gentleman who looks very much like the real man sets up his computer camera and fiddles with it. Then the picture suddenly hangs and the photo of him stops. A really deceptively real illusion that I was able to experience during my research for the topic.

Photo: Soldier Jeffrey Miller's photo is the most commonly used in romance scams.

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First rule of thumb here. American soldiers stationed abroad, on peacekeeping missions, are not allowed free and unlimited surfing on the Internet. Logically, the Army avoids sending out unnecessary signals that draw attention to bases. Relatives only have contact every few months and not on their own computer, but rather impersonally with many other families in an army barracks. So if a soldier from Syria or Afghanistan writes to you, this is a hundred percent sure indication that a scammer is trying to get at you.

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Exceptions are US soldiers stationed in Germany, who often try their luck on dating sites. However, it is often precisely these men who do without their professional titles and pictures in uniform because they want to be loved for themselves.

At you can find commonly used photos and stories, the real faces of the scammers, and get the email address of the person you're texting checked out.

The profile text itself can also provide some clues. In many lines of the self-description it is stated how honest, friendly, courteous and loving the person is. Of course you are looking for the one, great, everlasting love. Most of the time, scammers write to their victims in English. Some also take the trouble to use translation aids from the Internet. This often leads to funny, very amusing lyrics. In general, you will be written to very cordially and personally. Your profile and your beautiful photos are praised. After a short exchange, there is often a request to switch to e-mail correspondence.

Only give out your private contacts to safe and trustworthy people! Some of the scammers also have the talent of hacking and your email address, online banking passwords and the like are quickly found out.

A simple and effective way to uncover if you're having a conversation with a real person is to invite them to a video call, such as on Skype. This is where the scammers start rolling around. If a scammer has posed as a soldier on a peacekeeping mission in Afghanistan, computers are not allowed in the camp. Others suddenly claim their laptop doesn't have a camera and they just lost their smartphone. And if you then insist on seeing your chat partner, they may try to rip a new smartphone out of your ribs, since of course they too are said to be dying to finally get to know you. I write here very often in the masculine form "ER" because ninety percent of the perpetrators are male. Which makes things even more unbearable and embarrassing for male victims who thought they were texting the girl of their dreams.

About my romance scam experience

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I am a qualified social worker and Certified Advanced Law of Attraction Practitioner according to Dr. Joe Vitale and Dr. Steve G Jones. A few years ago, I too had an unpleasant experience with romance scammers. Although I didn't suffer any financial damage, the lovesickness and heartbreak was terrible. I wasn't even looking for a partner, but had signed up on a dating site to check the profiles of the men a friend of mine wanted to date. A nice American soldier who was stationed in Afghanistan wrote to me.

Correspondence was lively for months and I fell seriously in love with this wonderful man. Finally a guy who really cared about me and my life and with whom I could be who I am. At some point he told me the story about the horse. He helped an oil sheikh to transport oil from Afghanistan to Saudi Arabia, received a reward in the millions and he wanted to have it brought to me in Germany by diplomats. The diplomat had to bribe the customs staff at the airports to get the suitcase of money to me in Germany without a search. Then he ran out of bribes and I was supposed to transfer €5,000. That was the moment when I woke up from my slumber and did intensive research on the internet.

I've been researching this topic for years now, I've spoken to romance scammers and victims, and I've gained a lot of knowledge that I'd like to help you with. I know exactly how you feel right now. You may have no one to turn to and feel embarrassed for chasing a phantom. Victims of this form of fraud often remain silent out of shame. But you are not alone. Nice that you are on my page "Fake-Free Dating & More".

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Investigations on your behalf

You probably didn't land on my page by accident, but you already have a faint suspicion that something is wrong between you and your internet acquaintance. The inner voice usually does not deceive.

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If you want to get to the bottom of things, I'll be happy to support you. If you provide me with the contacts of your internet acquaintance (email address, photos, skype name, profiles on social network sites such as Facebook, phone numbers, etc.), I will research for you whether you are with a real person write, or have been caught by a scammer. Sending snippets of text can also be very revealing, as scammers use their own psychology.

In addition, it is possible for me in individual cases to establish personal contacts and to accompany them. The best way to reach me is by email:

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Maybe you're just devastated and you're not doing well. Lovesickness is a terrible thing. But there are ways you can bring joy and love back into your life.

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