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Dear singles,
I am very happy to announce that US Love Wiesbaden agency is now starting again with a new name and different concept! You still can look for and find American partners on “Fake-Free Dating & More ”, but I would also like to open the site to other people who are looking for true love. The past few months have shown that singles need a place where they can meet real people, without animation profiles, fakes or the pain that romance scammers cause. Because that is what makes “Fake-Free Dating & More” so special and unique. This sets the portal apart from all others. Of course I can't look inside a person, but I can guarantee that you can talk to real people, and that's a great thing, isn't it?
Are you with me? Fine! Then register at:
For today, best regards
Christiane Kautz

About me:

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I was born in Wolfsburg in 1967 and grew up near Offenbach. I studied social pedagogy in Bamberg and worked for many years as a manager in nursing homes, a children's village and an animal shelter.

In my private life I am involved in animal rescue, I am taking care of wild animals, sick or behavioral rabbits. The guidebook “Understanding rabbits better”, published by Kosmos-Verlag, arose from the joy of this activity.

I once experienced romance scam on a dating site. That is how I came to the idea for my blog “Love Trap Ambulance” and the desire to help other people on dating sites.

That's why I worked with Dr. Joe Vitale (known from the movie "The Secret - Law of Attraction") and became a coach (Advanced Law of Attraction Wealth Practitioner). I am happy to help you with individual coaching to optimize your dating potential.

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  • Virtual profile display on Fake-Free Dating & More
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  • Individual offline match-making
    (this fee is only due to a mutual match and when contacts are exchanged)
  • Personal dating-coaching
  • Investigations on your behalf

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