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Dear singles,
I am very happy to announce that US Love Wiesbaden agency is now starting again with a new name and different concept! You still can look for and find American partners on “Fake-Free Dating & More ”, but I would also like to open the site to other people who are looking for true love. The past few months have shown that singles need a place where they can meet real people, without animation profiles, fakes or the pain that romance scammers cause. Because that is what makes “Fake-Free Dating & More” so special and unique. This sets the portal apart from all others. Of course I can't look inside a person, but I can guarantee that you can talk to real people, and that's a great thing, isn't it?
Are you with me? Fine! Then register at: kautz.c@t-online.de
For today, best regards
Christiane Kautz

About me:

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I was born in Wolfsburg in 1967 and grew up near Offenbach. I studied social pedagogy in Bamberg and worked for many years as a manager in nursing homes, a children's village and an animal shelter.

In my private life I am involved in animal rescue, I am taking care of wild animals, sick or behavioral rabbits. The guidebook “Understanding rabbits better”, published by Kosmos-Verlag, arose from the joy of this activity.

I once experienced romance scam on a dating site. That is how I came to the idea for my blog “Love Trap Ambulance” and the desire to help other people on dating sites.

That's why I worked with Dr. Joe Vitale (known from the movie "The Secret - Law of Attraction") and became a coach (Advanced Law of Attraction Wealth Practitioner). I am happy to help you with individual coaching to optimize your dating potential.


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Individual offline match-making
(this fee is only due to a mutual match and when contacts are exchanged)

Personal dating-coaching


Couples who found each other

Tina and David met on Fake-Free in May 2021. They managed being together even in these difficult times of pandemic. This is what the wrote to Jess and me:

We just thought you might like an update from us and maybe a picture or two. Thank you both so much for your work with this site. We are in Toronto together today and enjoying our time together very much. We met in Germany over the summer and Tina is planning to come to the US for a few weeks after the government lifts the international travel ban.

We hope you both are doing well and we will send you another message in the near future.

David and Tina


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